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Performing termite inspections from Lumberton, Texas all the way to Crystal Beach, and north to Jasper, Texas. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the most common types of termites in the U.S. are the native Subterranean and Formosan termites. They cost approximately $1 billion in prevention and structural damage annually. They damage wood and any material containing cellulose. Termites are no laughing matter. Once established on site, it’s a slow degrade to destruction.

When purchasing or refinancing a property, most lending institutions will require a termite inspection to know if it has been damaged by termites or other wood destroying insects. To ensure you receive an accurate inspection, it’s important to use trusted inspection companies. At Texas Country Inspection, we’re the area’s leading trusted source for termite inspections.

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What are Termite Inspections?

Beaumont termite inspection services company Lumberton Groves TXA proper and professional termite inspection is an extremely thorough home inspection that’s done by an unbiased third-party termite inspection company. They use sensors, cameras on extendable arms, and the experienced eye of a termite inspector. They can see, smell and detect any termites or issues that might affect the structural integrity of the home.

Why It’s Important to Inspect for Termites?
Termites are sneaky and destructive little creatures. They possess enzymes that easily regulates their bodies moisture content as long as they’re consuming wood. A termite infestation can quickly go unnoticed if you do not know what to look for when you have one. This is what makes termites so difficult to both find and treat.

The current home owner may not even be aware they have termites. An inspection provides a termite certification that identifies the property condition by listing any damage observed and making recommendations as to whether the structure needs further treatment or not. This is where the qualified and trusted team at Texas Country Inspection can help.

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When it’s time for your termite inspection, due your due diligence before hiring just any standard inspector you find. At Texas Country Inspection, we have a long proven track record through perseverance and first class customer service that has allowed us to service numerous happy clients and real estate agents. Call us today to get started!