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Pool & Spa Inspection

When purchasing a home, an important part of the process is learning as much as possible about the condition and the need for any major repairs before you buy. Unfortunately, many home buyers fail to consider that the pool or spa may actually be the most expensive component of the home. Even more than a roof. With that being said, we always recommend that this system be checked for proper operation during the time of the home inspection.

Pools and spas are typically an additional significant add on to the purchase of a home. With such significance, it’s important to make sure that what you are acquiring as part of your real estate purchase is in good condition. You want to really understand what you are getting for your all your hard-earned money.

Pools and spas have a lot of complicated parts such as pumps, filters, heaters, automation, automatic chemical feeders and water features. Few people are experts when it comes to this, so hiring a competent home inspector to properly inspect them is essential when making a purchase as large as a home.

What are Pool and Spa Inspections?

Trained and qualified

A pool and spa inspection provides the potential home buyer with a lot of meaningful information about the condition of the system. Trained and qualified pool and spa inspectors understand the scope of work about what needs to be inspected, operated or tested and identify any defects or damage during the inspection process.

Why It’s Important to Inspect Pools and Spas?

Let’s face it, pools and spas are magnificent additions to any house, that can provide numerous hours spent with family and friends. But just like a house, a poorly maintained or old pool can be costly to restore or repair. Adding a pool inspection to your home inspection service is more than a great value, it is assurance your investment is on solid ground.

Because thorough pool and spa inspections assures potential buyers are fully aware of key issues or concerns, allowing minimally qualified home inspectors to inspect your pool or spa is a big risk. Trained professionals analyze improper maintenance which may relate to expensive repairs. This is where the trusted team at Texas Country Inspection can help.

When it’s time for a pool or spa inspection, due your due diligence before hiring any standard inspector you find. At Texas Country Inspection, we have a long proven track record through perseverance and first class customer service. This has allowed us to service numerous happy clients and real estate agents with honesty and integrity. Call us today to get started!