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We inspect homes and commercial properties with the level of attention, care, and personal investment we would have if we were buying it ourselves. We leave no stone unturned during the inspection process. We inspect each feature from the foundation to the roof, and everything in between.

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We pay attention to major issues and work to identify common problems based on our experience. If we are inspecting a slab on grade home with brick veneer walls, we understand to look for step cracks in the brick veneer, or cracking around or above the framed openings in the brick veneer.

We work to identify slab deficiencies. We inspect around window casements where the window is framed into brick veneer wall to see (if there are lentils) and that they are properly installed, or if the lentils are missing completely. These features support the opening in the exterior brick veneer wall. Other tell-tale signs of foundation issues could be in the form of step cracking in the brick veneer, pronounced interior floor slopes, and diagonal cracking on the interior finish work.

Many of our clients choose us because there’s a few things we offer that most inspectors don’t

We offer infrared thermography, so we can shoot walls to see if there are voids in the insulation or moisture intrusion issues from possible roofing deficiencies. Issues like pipe leaks will be detected through this infrared imaging.

We offer a reduced rate on wood destroying insect reports

Any client that books a home inspection with us receives a reduced rate on their wood destroying insect report (WDI or a terminate inspection). We own and operate a separate pest control business, so we’re uniquely qualified to assess termite or pest related issues. If you’re receiving an agriculture loan or a VA loan, your lender requires a wood destroying insect report.

We offer a reduced rate on wood destroying insect reports

Any client that books a home inspection with us receives a reduced rate on their wood destroying insect report (WDI or a terminate inspection). We own and operate a separate pest control service, so we’re uniquely qualified to assess pest related issues. If you’re receiving an agriculture loan or a VA loan, your lender requires this report.

We provide septic inspection, water well inspection, and water laboratory tests

We collect a water sample from the property being inspected, then send that sample to a special state laboratory for testing for further analysis to ensure that the water is safe and drinkable.

We inspect pools and spas

As a Texas state requirement, all pools must have a fence surrounding the pool, as well as alarms on the windows and doors leading out to the pool. This is a very common inspection point that we note.

We provide special notes for pier and beam homes

All pier and beam homes should have adequate ventilation. We frequently note that pier and beam homes with poor ventilation are exposed to excessive condensation and experience wood rot. We recommend a vapor barrier composed of a 6 ml polyurethane be installed on the ground floor in order to limit wood rot, mold, mildew, and a variety of other factors that lead up to wood rot and deterioration.

We inspect for soil height around the foundation

Excessive soil height around the foundation is a common problem. There should be a minimum clearance of four to six inches of soil from the bottom row of brick, if it’s a slab on grade home. When the soil is evened with weep holes, it’s conducive to wood destroying organisms. Termites, carpenter ants and other wood destroying insects can easily gain entry into the home.

We inspect for heavy foliage

The Texas Real Estate Commission states that you need a minimum of one-foot clearance from heavy foliage from contacting the home. We mark these conditions on our inspection reports.

We inspect out buildings, detached garages, barns, greenhouses, and other detached permanent structures.

We provide commercial property inspections.

Inspection issues common in Southeast Texas

We inspect many homes and commercial properties in Lumberton, Beaumont, Nederland, Port Neches, as well as all of the surrounding golden triangle. We find that there are a few deficiencies common to this region, including:


We provide wood destroying insect reports or termite inspections for termite issues.

Septics and Wells

In more rural locations, septics and wells are common features. We are experienced at inspecting traditional septic systems as well as aerobic septic systems. It’s common for clients in this area to have problems associated with septics and wells, and we provide detailed reports on these issues.

Foundation Issues

Due to the type of soil in Southeast Texas, which is very expansive, there can be accelerated movement within structures. As soil absorbs moisture and dries out, it expands and contacts. This is a major factor in the settlement of the foundation. Whether it’s a pier and beam style home or a monolithic slab on grade, as the foundation reacts to moisture levels, it’s common to detect corner pops on the foundation. Sometimes this indicates a substandard foundation construction which can lead to premature foundation failure. Often times it means nothing, and simply the corner just needs to be repaired with cement.

When we suspect foundation issues, we use a hydro-static altimeter. We zero this at the front door, then take a reading, normally in three to four corners of each room. This produces a reading that is accurate to within 1000th of an inch which will indicate if the structure has moved. Using this reading, we will understand precisely how much the structure has moved, and can assess whether this movement is within tolerance. Generally, anything within half-inch of deflection per 10-linear feet is acceptable, and anything over a half-inch in a 10-linear foot span of deflection indicates that further evaluation is needed by a licensed foundation specialist.

Additional Points of Interest Covered During our Inspections

We test all fixtures, check for leaks underneath sinks, inspect for corrosion on supply piping, and all other aspects of the plumbing. We verify that water heaters are properly positioned at the 18” minimum mark above the garage floor, that a drain is installed and includes a pipe that terminates within six inches of the exterior grading, that the pressure relief valve on the water heater has a three-quarter inch pip that terminates to the exterior, within six-inches of the exterior grading. Other plumbing issues that we commonly find during inspections are gas water heaters that come in contact with drywall, ceiling, or roof structure. All type B vents should have a minimum clearance of one-inch from any combustible material, so we carefully inspect for this.

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What Really Matters in a Home Inspection?

What really matters is the condition of the home, property, systems and components.

If this is your first time having a home inspection, please take a couple of minutes and watch the video. It is very informative.

Afterwards if you have any further questions contact us today.

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We also offer customized home energy score assessments. which enable you to determine the efficiency of the home.

I am trained and qualified to produce U.S. Department of Energy home energy scores on your home.

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